学位論文は、<Comparaison des messes pour orgue>, <“Introduction etvariations” “Scherzo” de Jehan ALAIN>(ともにフランス国立リヨン音楽院、修士論文)、「フランス古典期におけるオルガン・ミサ」(東京芸術大学、修士論文)、「フランス・オルガン音楽の再興」(東京芸術大学、博士論文)。17, 18世紀の鍵盤作品、教会典礼とその作品、鍵盤音楽の起源についての研究をライフワークとするが、バロックから現代に至るまでの幅広い時代にも対応し、音楽研究と演奏実践の一致を目指している。


Yuki Ogawa studied organ music and musicology at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and received her M.A. and Ph. D. as well as the Ataka Prize. Note that she is the first person who received a Ph.D. in organ music in Japan. She also studied at Conservatoire national supérieur de musique de Lyon in France, and received her M.A. with Prix "Très bien." She won Prize of Mayor at International Organ Competition of Musashino City. She is currently an organist both at Tamagawa Sei Gakuin Girls Junior & Senior High School.

She has performed extensively as a soloist at halls such as L'Auditorium Maurice-Ravel, NHK-FM, Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, etc. and at chapels such as Le Musée des Augustins, International Christian University, etc. She has performed as an ensemble player as well. As a scholar, she gave lectures about organ music and culture at Asahi Culture School, and other citizen' s courses in many places.